Cheer Mama Drama !

For the record let me state ! We are not all "That Mom" !!!I happen to be very proud of my 'Cheer Mom" status and wouldn't trade it for anything.I for one am getting kinda tired of all the negative references to "Cheer Moms" I have seen lately.  However even if just for one fleeting moment,We have ALL delved into the underbelly of the sport that is "Cheer Mama Drama".



I have two grown boys that both played football and baseball and I was a Football / Baseball mom.But I was just that,the mother of a football and or baseball player.I attended every game and cheered my boys on, but wasn't that involved other than that . I have to admit I was impressed by if not envious of those "Do it All Parents" How did the do it ? Were they crazy ? or was I a bad parent ?
Apart from sideline cheering in school I had no real  knowledge of cheerleading.
15 + years later, along comes my daughter, as if I had just blinked 4 years after that I was introduced to All- Star cheerleading.Even at her first try out I witnessed Cheer Mama Drama.
Gaggles of moms gathered in the parking lot of the gym,awaiting word as to whether or not their child made the team.The different groups of moms spread out around the parking lot chatting amongst themselves.I could overhear bits and pieces of their conversations.Some talking about the previous season.Some beam with satisfaction , while others scowl with discontent.
The doors open and the whole happy mob heard in like cattle.Surely after what I heard outside my daughter would NOT make this team.Poor darling couldn't even do a cartwheel , let alone what some of other girls could do.She made the team !WOW ! HOW ?Here's your parent packet , first practice was on Tuesday.See ya then !
I stood In the parking lot waiting for a family member who's daughter was also on the team.Some of the mom's started to dissipate but some still hung around talking to one another.Talking to one another alright ! Talking about other children on the team and how they couldn't do this or that ,other parents on the team.What this one or that one did or didn't do at competition.
Holy Mackrel ! What were we in for ?
As the months of practice leading up to their first competition went on I began to wonder if this was really for me.The cost involved,the traveling,the negativity,the drama .Why do people spend this much money to have their child work so hard to do something that doesn't seem to bring them anything but  misery ? Ok!Not everyone was this way, however my naturally pessimistic persona drew me nearer to the people who were.
We all know how misery loves company.
I could sit here for days and tell you about specific events, we could compare notes and try to outdo each others stories and we "all" have them , but I have actually come out of my pessimism toward all of it since my daughters first large competition. I witnessed how enamored she was with the lights, the fans and the magnitude of it all.As I  watched my little girl positively glowing with energy, explode into a full fledged all star (Mini L1) cheerleader on a blue mat on a stage in Orlando, Florida right before my very eyes.
We were in it for the long haul !
One particular instance that occurred last season stands out the most. I would briefly like to share it.
At a competition in Sevierville last December one of the more negative parents turned to a member of the group and started bad mouthing the team and the coaches and I quote "They couldn't win cornbread " How the parent didn't know this "I'll never understand ! The member of the group she was talking to was none other than woman that gave birth to our fabulous twin coaches.Yes their Mother ! Goes without saying there was a parent meeting about it when we got home !
I think they left out of sheer embarrassment, but shortly after that the little girl left the team.
Proud to say our awesome little team went on to win WSA in Destin,Florida two short months later ! We took home a lot more than cornbread that day !

The nonsense started again at try-outs this season.I just walked away. It's generally the same people.Some people are not happy unless they are simply UNHAPPY and those kind of people revel in making others unhappy as well. I for one don't want to hear it anymore ! My question to one of the" Miserable Mommy" was.

If it's really as bad as you make it out to be. Why on are earth are you still here? 

I guess the point I am trying to make is. Do your best to stay out of it ! It's not always easy,but try. Stay away from the "Grumbly Granny's" and the "Miserable Mommy's" and yes "every" gym has them.Trust your coaches to do the coaching, not a cheer mom that may not know a back handspring from a forward roll .That's what they get paid for!We all love to see our child front and center but they cant all be front and center!Not every girl can be a flyer,without bases and backspots a flyer can't fly. Be happy you child is happy, doing what they love to do!There are bound to be some speed bumps in the road ahead, just buckle yourself in and enjoy the ride.

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